SOAPURI gives everything to meet the high standards it set. The products are effective and comfortable yet safe and dependable. Best ingredients for the Best products SOAPURI only uses ingredients that are nurtured with care from nature.


Say no to Synthetic Surfactants:
Surfactants such as SLS, SLES can be carcinogens. SOAPURI uses coconuts and apples, utilising their pH level which is the same as that of the scalp.
Say no to Artificial Preservatives:
To achieve efficiency, SOAPURI uses essential oils in its full glory. SOAPURI does not take part in chemical compositions or use preservatives, but takes part in 500 hours of natural drying process.
Approved by the Experts:
Safety of the consumers are SOAPURI’s top priority. All our products are tested and approved by the Korea Institute of Dermatological Sciences, receiving
the Skin Irritation Degree of 0.
No Need for Plastics:
You save 2 plastic containers when you use 1 SOAPURI Shampoo Bar. Why stop
at preserving your scalp when you can also preserve the environment?

Shampoo Bar

    Never Feel like you are losing
    100 g 18,000 KW
    -Enhances scalp’s elasticity
    -Prevents hair loss
    -Coconut, apple based natural surfactant
    -Proved its functional activities to scalp by Korea institute of dermatological sciences.
    -Rose bouquet scented

    Say Goodbye to Greasy Hair
    100 g 16,000 KW
    -Eliminates grease from the scalp
    -Strengthens hair roots
    -Coconut, apple based natural surfactant
    -Fresh citrus, grapefruit scented