The perfect addition to any bathroom or vanity is this zero waste makeup wipe set! Each set comes with 3 reusable soft cotton rounds, 1 gentle exfoliating reusable cotton round, 2 stainless steel hanging clips and 1 washing bag.


When applying toner, less absorbency is key to maximum use. Our reusable soft cotton pads are not only gentle on the skin, but allow for maximum product usage as it does not absorb the toner fully. This way, you can use less, gain more, and do your part to reduce your waste!


Our reusable gentle exfoliating pads are perfect for foam cleansers, removing face masks, and bringing out the shine in your skin. This pad has more absorbency which is great for removing product build up.


Air drying our reusable cotton rounds is the best way to maintain their shape and effectiveness. Use the 2 stainless steel hanging clips to get your wipes dry after every use. 


We recommend washing your reusable cotton pads by hand after each use, especially when used to remove makeup and face masks. However, when you're ready for a deep clean, you can pop your pads in our reusable washing bag to keep them all together when in the washing machine. Line to dry.


Wasteupso's Makeup Wipe Set is perfect for your home bath and travel. No need to create waste when on the go when you have these reusable wipes to keep you covered!

Makeup Wipes Set