Want to reduce your waste and save you time? Try our Circle Service! It allows you to ship your own containers and receive a dicount on its return.


Step 1: Label your container with the name of your desired bulk item. **Do you need a specific amount? Write the weight you need on your container. SELECT "I KNOW MY WEIGHT" and complete your online order as usual. 

***Want to just fill it up? No problem! We will fill up your container and send you an invoice for the final amount. SELECT "FILL IT FOR ME" and we will send you an invoice once your containers are received. 


Step 2: Wrap your containers well to ensure shipping safety. Feel free to use old newspaper, recycled bubble wrap, blankets, thick sweaters, small pillows, whatever you have!


Step 3: Choose your discount! Since you are paying for the initial shipping costs, we would like to help out on our end. You may receive a 2,000원 cash discount on your order OR you may choose a 6MM metal straw valued at 2,000원! 

**If you would like a metal straw, just select a straw during your online shopping. This includes straight and curved stainless steel silver and colored straws.**


Step 4: Use your coupon code at checkout. Use COUPON CODE: CIRCLE SERVICE at checkout for your 2,000원 discount!

Circle Service